Sawdust, residual material remained after production, is further processed into two types of fuel.

Ecological pellets of A1 quality and Pini Kay Briquettes with a combustion hole. By utilizing the sawdust, we ensure that there is no waste of natural resources in our production.

Being a highly calorific heat source produced using state-of-the-art technologies our pellets are rated A1 quality. Eco pellets are 100% environmentally friendly pellets of premium quality made of 80% beech and 20% oak, without additives or bark.

The octagonal Piny Kay Briquettes with a hole are another type of fuel in our production range. They are made from 100% pure beech and oak without any additives. The briquettes can be used for all types of furnaces. They are characterized by a high calorific value, lack of harmful gasses and they can be easily stored, because they come in packets of 10kg on pallets of 960kg.